We are an amateur couple who love to play and show the assets of Madame with his consent.

Some photo sessions are free and you can access them whenever you want but for protected content, you will need a password that is sent by email only. To obtain the password, simply participate below.

1 year = 1 password

You like what you see, come back next year. no commitment, just a participation to buy clothes for the lady who will wear them in her own way for the pleasure of your eyes  😉

if you like what you see and want to give more without necessarily obtaining a password, you have the possibility to make a donation on each photo sessions indicating the desired quantity…

For example, if you want to offer a particular dress, shoes or lingerie, donate the amount and indicate in the contact form the link to the online sales site. In this case, it will be possible to dedicate the photo sessions to privatize it at our convenience and according to the gift.


You like ! and you want to see more. Participate here. You have the opportunity to put the amount of your participation by increasing the amount. Donations allow to buy the sexy clothes, heels and accessories.


Password for protected content

Specify us the desired year in Contact’s form… This site isn’t managed by a robot, passwords will be sent within 48 hours, thank you for your understanding 😉 Please do not share the password with others.


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WARNING !!! Any institution or person using this site or any of its associated sites for study or projects. You do not have permission to use any of my photos or videos in any form whatsoever both current and / or future. If you have, you will be in serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal consequences.




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